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Bitcoin ATMs: The variety of BTC ATMs is growing

From disposable vending machines to the all-in-one Bitcoin ATM, we'll give you an overview of what's happening in the Bitcoin world.

In the last weeks some new manufacturers appeared on the news spy market

This means that the previously relatively small competition between the already well-known brands is gradually growing. The vending machines, which are often declared as kiosks or vending machines (depending on the jurisdiction), not only make it easier for people to buy Bitcoins, but also act as silent ambassadors to show people how easy it is to trade Bitcoins. The more machines, the greater the public interest according to the news spy on

The first Bitcoin dispenser in Seattle is a rather ordinary dispenser: It is a Robocoin vending machine maintained by CoinMe and installed in a Spitfire Grill restaurant. The machine has a palm scanner and the withdrawal amount per customer is limited to 3,000 USD/day.

CoinMe's Managing Director Nick Hughes said he also uses the machines to educate and inform new potential users:

"People must be given the opportunity to talk about it and be informed. [...] They need to be educated about risks by credible people and learn about significant successes."

Saskatoon, Canada

The Edmonton-based company Bitcoin Solutions is also faithfully following the motto "Buy, Sell and Educate" and will be commissioning the first Bitcoin vending machine in Saskatchwan this week. The machine is not only one of the latest generations, it also comes from the Ottawa-based manufacturer BitAccess.

According to a Newstalk 650 report, the company chose this city because of the large number of young people. BitAccess co-founder Haseeb Awan stated that the machines are FinCEN and FinTRAC compliant and have a 3-stage security system. Transactions with a volume < 3,000 dollars only require the entry of a code sent by SMS. For transactions over $3,000, the ID card must be scanned and for transactions over $10,000, the transaction is sent to FinCEn or FinTRAC.

The company manufactures its vending machines in Canada and has already demonstrated them to the Canadian Senate. The small company currently delivers to 8 countries and is growing steadily.

Bitcoin Solutions also previously installed a vending machine in Edmonto and plans to expand into other Canadian cities.

For a country teeming with gadgets, computer geeks and bankers, Japan jumped on the bandwagon of Bitcoin machines relatively late. Reasons for this could be the not yet clear regulations or the not yet available Japanese language software of the existing machines.

The Wall Street Journal and TV Tokyo recently reported on a Robocoin Promotion Tour. Even though the machine accepts the Japanese yen, the majority of the interface is in English. There has also been news at the regulatory level, although the MPs have adopted a similar approach to Singapore: Bitcoin is not regarded as money and is therefore not regulated.

If you ask CEO Jordan Kelley how many Robocoin vending machines he wants to ship to Japan, he will probably answer: "As many as the Japanese market can support.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam now has its own Bitcoin kiosk and it is a new generation vending machine. The manufacturer of the vending machine is BTC-O-Matic and produces a range of one-way and two-way vending machines. The vending machine installed on 30 April is a two-way vending machine. Various other products of the company can be seen in the following video. The vending machine is located 5 minutes walk from the main station.

Dubai, UAE
Dubai-based startup Umbrellab has reportedly made good progress with the idea of equipping 300 payment kiosks with Bitcoin functionality. The project had caused confusion a few weeks ago, as it was not quite clear whether the kiosks were pure pay stations or real Bitcoin machines. The company insured to convert all 300 stations into fully-fledged Bitcoin machines.